President & Chief Technology
Since April 2007

Melochenator CRM
Melochenator is rethinking how technology can help companies manage customer relationships and marketing strategies all thru one CRM application. Melochenator delivers a feature-rich set of business processes that enhance marketing effectiveness, drive sales performance, improve customer satisfaction and provide executive insight into business performance. Supported by deep collaboration and administration capabilities that adapt to how your company operates, Melochenator is delighting companies and employees of all sizes across a broad range of industries. - visit website
Vice President of Marketing
2009 - 2011

Synergy Card Services Inc.
Synergy Card Services Inc. is a Point of Sale equipment and Merchant Services reseller based in Toronto, Ontario Canada.Synergy Card Services has state of the art call center facilities based in Toronto. The company provides Credit and Debit card processing as well as a range of processing options for both brick and mortar and online merchants across Canada. - visit website
Vice President of Marketing
2007 to 2011

Synergy Merchant Services Inc.

Synergy Merchant Services is a merchant funding company that offers alternative business loans to Canadian business owners in the form of a merchant cash advance.

Synergy is a Canadian owned, operated and funded merchant funding company that offers unsecured small and medium sized business funding in in the form of a Canadian merchant cash advance. - visit website

President & Chief Technology
Since January 2009

MeloTel Inc.
We are a full spectrum phone service provider – that means you only have to deal with one vendor for all of your telecommunications needs. In addition to our core services we provide the required hardware, installation, professional services and ongoing support. - visit website
Vice President of Marketing
Since March 2009

National Projects Inc.
National Projects is a Toronto based company that operates on a national level to provide general contracting management service thru a semi-automatic process. Our business process is your business progress. - visit website
Vice President
2008 - 2009

PC Everywhere Inc.
PC Everywhere services website, marketing and multimedia design consultancy. - visit website
Vice President of Marketing
2009 - 2011
CanAdvance Inc. - is a division of Synergy Merchant Services, Canada's largest and most reputable merchant funding and merchant cash advance company. - visit website
2009 - 2011

MeloJobs is a place where our network of companies post their employment opportunities for the different devisons within their organizations. MeloJobs utilizes tools and resources such as Craigslist and Kijiji to promote the available positions at no cost to the employer or job seeker. - visit website
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Since January 2007

Synergy Marketing Consultants Inc.
Synergy Marketing Consultants or is North Americas largest and most cost effective solution for corporate gifts, incentives and marketing promotions. - visit website
1995 - 2009

Mr. In Demand Productions
Mr. In Demand develops leading edge web design solutions for any size company in marketing, professional, retail, manufacturing, real-estate, travel, entertainment, music, food and hospitality, non-profit, and health care industries. - visit website

My clients have been featured in Forbes, The New York Times, The Toronto Sun, People Magazine, Playboy Online, Upclose Magazine, Home & Garden Television, Culinary Thymes, ABC News, The Salt Lake Tribune, Houston 11, The Washington Post, The Honolulu Star & more. Real Planning One thing I can promise you... You can not imitate what everyone else is doing and stand head and shoulders above the competition at the same time. The timid shall remain forever invisible. You must look at the competition to see what they're not doing, instead of emulating what they do.

Business Management & Marketing
  • The Marketing Mastery Program
  • Build a Powerful Marketing Strategy
  • Keep them Coming Back
  • Accelerate your Business Growth
  • Build a Powerful Branding Strategy
  • Branding for Profit
3rd Year Electricians Apprenticeship
  • Plan and Initiate Projects
  • Install Underground Power Circuit and Telephone Feeders
  • Provide or Connect to the Grounding Electrode System
  • Install Pathways and Spaces for Installation of Low Voltage Wiring
  • Install Pathways and Circuit Conductors for Power Distribution
  • Test, Certify and Troubleshoot All System Wiring Installations
  • Install and Verify Operation of Security, Alarm and Control Systems
  • Install Sound and Cable TV Distribution Systems
  • Install Local Area Network Systems
  • Install and Work on other subsystems such as H.V.A.C.
Microsoft Small Business Specialist Certification
  • Microsoft Learning Manager
  • Implementing and Administering Windows Business Server 2003
  • Microsoft Certification and Continuing Education
Legrand ElecTech
Cablofil / Legrand Certification

Low voltage wiring training program. Basic cutting techniques, advanced planning and layout procedures.

  • Cam-Type Devices
  • Decorator Combination Devices
  • DR Series Dimmer (2008)
  • FlexCor® Wire Mesh Grips
  • Fusible Mechanical Interlock
  • Ground Continuity Monitoring Plugs & Connectors
  • Lighting Controls
Program Languages & Media Tools
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe Flash
  • FTP
  • SSH
  • HTTP(S)
  • SIP
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Photosop
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Linux, Windows Server, XP, 7
  • MS Office, Excell, Publisher
  • Asterisk
  • PBX

  • English (mother tongue)
  • I am highly motivated by potential and opportunity
  • I ask questions others are afraid to and get the answers
  • The only planned part of my vacations is the flight to and from
  • I eat steak at only the finest restaurants
  • I am the tallest person most people know
  • I keep it positive and lead by example

My website isn't about me. It's about you, and whether or not I am the solution you're seeking for your big projects. The same thing applies to your website. It's not about you. It's about your customers. It's to help them decide whether or not you are the solution they are looking for. If your customers like your website, trust me, they will like you too!

I have been at it since 1995. My specialty is Websites, Marketing and Branding consultancy. Custom application and software development. From my office in Toronto Canada, I design and market highly-effective websites and strategies both online and offline for corporate and business clients anywhere in the world.

Back when I first started, Yahoo had only just launched, most websites were text-based and Amazon, Google and eBay had yet to appear. But, some things have stayed constant in that decade, namely the principles of what makes a site easy to use. I don't sell websites. I build websites that sell.

My Business Process Is Your Business Progress Below you will find a list of companies proudly managed and/or operated by John Meloche of Toronto, Ontario - Canada.


Welcome to a fun and exciting voice over experience!

I am "hobbyist voice talent" and love doing voice overs for radio commercial spots, character voices, television and radio narration corporate work, documentary soundtracks, IVRs and, educational training work. Having been in professional voice over for 15 years, I bring to each job a wealth of experience, different fun character voices or straight narration with a lot of vocal variety and commitment.

Below you can hear samples of my voice over work.



Over the years I have gathered a collection of domain names that I don't use anymore or am willing to part with. If any tickle your fancy, contact me and make an offer.

  •, .net, .org, .ca
  •, .net, .org, .ca
  •, .net, .org, .ca

As a hobby, I offer professionally recorded call attendant (IVR) recordings. please feel free to call any of the following numbers and have a listen!

  • 866-299-0101
  • 866-610-6654
  • 866-656-2126
  • 416-566-3463
  • 877-748-2884

"I don't sell websites. I build websites that sell." - John Meloche